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Transaction Naming In LoadRuuner  

Transaction naming in VuGen is very easy if there are 4 or 5 transaction in your script, but that is not the case because I come across with application which have more the 100+ transaction. What to do? sit all the day and name all 100+ transactions naming…. No here the tool for you which will generate the transaction name for you and update it in your script and save your lots of time do share with your friends if you like this tool or you have any suggestion for us. Watch above demo video to use this tool.

Steps to use this tool:
• This tool help you in generating Transaction name for your VGen Script.
• It help in removing all lr_think_time from your script and put think time in between 2 TXN
• It will remove all cookies and Extra request from your script
• It will remove all empty,blank or other extra request which is not required in script

e.g web_url("Empty, web_url("Blank
TXN Name Prefix   e.g ProjectName TestCaseName
Start TXN No    e.g 1,12,15
Think Time   
Remove Extra
Remove cookie

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