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What is Correlation in Load Runner?

Correlation is used to obtain data which are unique for each run of the script and which are generated by web server. Correlation provides the value to avoid errors arising out of duplicate values and also optimizing the code. Automatic correlation is where we set some rules for correlation. It can be application server specific. Here values are replaced by data which are created by these rules. In manual correlation, the value we want to correlate is scanned and create correlation is used to correlate.

Correlation Challenge- Expert

Welcome to the Correlation Challenge. I have condensed some of the types of correlation problems I have encountered in real web applications (ranging from relatively easy, to fairly difficult) into this exercise. You should be able to manually navigate through the Challenge with no problems, but creating a LoadRunner/VuGen script that will do the same thing will take a non-trivial amount of effort. Please treat this as a training exercise. If you can get to the end of this exercise by yourself, then you can correlate with the best of them.

• The Challenges must be attempted in the order given.
• You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to proceed through this challenge manually.
• Please don’t share your solutions, ask for help, or help others. This is meant to be a challenge.
• Please email me if you find any bugs that are not obviously part of the challenge (deepak at
• If you email me your (zipped) solution, I will list your name/website/company here.

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