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Load Runner Correlation Finder

Automatic correlation is very useful feature of LoadRunner … No because I never used it in my 8 year of experiences. But finding session, dynamic or correlation values in request’s response is very hectic job. We find values in 5 min or it takes hours, but here is free excel utility for you which can find the dynamic values in few sec, not believing that can happen then watch the above video and use this tool do share with your friends if you like this tool.

• This tool helps you in finding the correlation value in script and tell you in which request that particular is coming.
• To use this tool please watch above video and download this excel.

Click here to download this tool.

1. Download & open LR_Corr.xls file.
2. Enable all Macro security option.
3. Enter the path of you script upto Data folder e.g if you save your script on desktop & you script name is abc then enter “c:/desktop/abc/data” in D3 Cell (next to Data Folder Path).
4. Enter correlation value which you wants to find in script e.g “test123” in D5 cell (next to Search Value).
5. Click Search button.
6. Check the status of E5 Cell. If it say “Not Found”, that means tool did not found that value.
7. If it Says “Found” then it gives you the some value("t5.inf")  in F5 cell, copy that value and search that value in your script, this value is unique name of the screen shot of that particular request. 

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