Free Load Testing Tool

If you are looking for free solution for load testing for your website or Web services then this is the perfect tool for you. There are lots of tool for load testing but they are not free like LoadRunner or very complex to use but this tool is free and very easy to use. Watch above video to see the demo of this tool. If you want us to automate your web base business flow for load testing then contact us.

Watch above video for demo of this tool.

Click here to download this tool.

 Need Help:
• Send us your business requirement in detail.
• We will verify if we can automate your business process in this tool for load testing.
• We will send you our responses of feasibility to automate your requirement for load testing.
• Meeting with you via any Live messenger (Hangout, Skype etc) and freeze final deliverable.
• Complete and send you final deliverable.

NOTE: We will not charge anything for above process but any time you can donate any amount money for our quality work.

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