Create New Script

Virtual User Generator (VuGen): VuGen component of load runner is used to create load testing script via recording the script from application, script is recorded for single user but after tuning it can be use for multiple users in controller. Client Server Protocol supported by VuGen:

.NET Record/Replay Microsoft® .NET 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5
Microsoft ADO.NET
Windows® Communication Foundation (WCF)
Database Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle (2-Tier)
Network Domain Name Resolution (DNS)
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Internet Messaging (IMAP)
Microsoft Exchange (MAPI)
Post Office Protocol (POP3)
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Windows Sockets
Oracle E-Business Oracle NCA
Oracle Web Applications 11i (Click and Script)
PeopleSoft Enterprise (Click and Script)
Remote Access Citrix Virtual User (ICA)
Terminal Emulation (RTE)
Rich Internet Applications Flex Virtual User (for Adobe® Flash)
Action Message Format (includes RTMP/AMF)
AJAX Click and Script
AJAX TruClient
Silverlight Vuser
SOA MQSeries-Client
Service Test
Vuser Web Services
Web and Multimedia Media Player (MMS)
Web (Click and Script)
Real (RealPlayer)
Wireless i-mode
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
GUI Virtual Users HP Functional Testing (QuickTest Professional)
Java Record/Replay CORBA-Java
RMI-Java (includes ORMI)
Java over HTTP Vuser
Remote Desktop Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP)
SAP Click and Script
Web 2.0 Web and Multimedia, RIA and SOA (combined)
Templates Enterprise Java™ Beans (EJB)
C Vuser
Java Vuser
Javascript Vuser
VB Vuser
VB.NET Vuser (Visual Studio Add-in)
VBNet Vuser
VB Script Vuser
C#.NET Vuser (Visual Studio Add-in)
C++.NET Vuser (Visual Studio Add-in)

How to record Script in VuGennnnn:

1. Click New Vuser Script in the Scripts tab in the VuGen Start Page. The New Virtual User dialog box opens, displaying the options for a new single protocol script. It shows the list of all protocols supported by VuGen. Make sure the Category type is All Protocols. VuGen displays a list of all of the available protocols for a single protocol script. Scroll down the list, select Web (HTTP/HTML), and click OK to create an empty Web script.

2. Choose Vuser > Start Record or click the Start Record button in the Toolbar at the top of the page.

3. Browse steps which you want test for load testing and click stop button, VuGen automatically generate the Virtual user Script for You,

Script Tuning

Once script is recorded then it needs to be tuned for all user, to tune script one should perform:

Parameterization- Replace all static value with multiple data by useing parameterization.

Transaction Naming: Enter transaction for each business flow.

Think Time: To emulate actual user load on server script should have think time in between two transactions.

Correlation: if thare are some dynamic or session related values return by web server then that also be handle by using web reg save param function.

Check Point: To verify if request response is coming as required, script should have check point for every request, by adding web reg find function.

Pacing: To emulate actual user load on server script should have correct pacing to handle user load on web server.

Once all above point are implemented in VuGen script then script is ready for load test.