Loadrunner Interview Question Intermediate Level 2

Question 11 to 20

Question 11: What are lr_eval_string and lr_save_string?

Lr_eval_string: It is used to evaluate or extract a value from a given parameter.

Lr_save_string: It saves c variable or string value into loadrunner variable.

// save string value to first parameter lr_save_string("A string value", "paramStr1");
lr_output_message(lr_eval_string("Value of paramStr1: {paramStr1}"));

// save the evaluated value to 2nd parameter
lr_save_string(lr_eval_string("{paramStr1}"), "paramStr2");;
lr_output_message(lr_eval_string("Value of paramStr2: {paramStr2}"));

Question 12: What is the role of Save Count in web_reg_find?

SaveCount assigns the Number of times the given text or value has been found in a particular webpage.

e.g: web_reg_find("Text=ABCD", "SaveCount=TextPresent_Count", "Fail=NotFound", LAST);

Question 13: What is the need of Checkpoints in LR?

While running a test, tester needs to check if particular information is found on the webpage.Checkpoints verifies that the expected result is displayed on page.

There are two types of content check:

Text Check: checks that a text string appears on a web page.

Eg: web_reg_find("Text=Error","Search=Body", "Fail=Found", LAST);

Image Checks: checks for an image whether it is present on a web page or not.

Question 14: What are possible ways of editing a Vuser Script.

After recording the script, which contains the interaction between the client and server can be modified by any of the following process:

1. Transactions (Start/End)
2. Adding new actions
3. Parameterization
4. Rendezvous point
5. Manual correlation
6. Checks (Image & Text)

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