Loadrunner Interview Question Beginners Level 1

Question 11 to 20

Question 11: What are the different Logs available in LR?

Code Generation log and Replay log.

Question 12: What is the difference between Think Time & Pacing?

Time interval between two transactions is called as Think time.

Time interval between two iterations is known as pacing.

We have following pacing options available in LoadRunner:

a. As soon as the previous iteration ends
b. After the previous iteration ends
c. At [Fixed/Random] intervals

More Questions asked in Client Interview
  • Which functions are used in scripting ?
  • Have written any functions in scripting ?
  • Your past experience how many users you have run the test?
  • When memory reach 100%, then ideally what you will think?
  • How you will get the requirements?
  • What is the differences between running vuser as a process and thread ?
  • What type recommendations given to the client or stakeholder?
  • What protocol you worked in fast experience? How to work with that web service protocol in your project.
  • Work flow process of the perormance testing?
  • Have you used in controller ?
  • How you design a scenario in controller ?
  • What you have done the Pervious projects? Explain the last project
  • You have any use the heart beat settings did you used in current project?
  • How work is handled in the team?
  • You have 10 URLs? How to test the URLs in in at a time LR (i am not understand the Question)
  • What are the bottlenecks you found?
  • Have you using goal oriented scenario ?
  • What is a memory leak?
  • Define Heap Usage?
  • What are the bottlenecks you have find the current project? Tell me two critical bottlenecks
  • Tell me your project end to end process?
  • Tell me about your experience project profile
  • Your LR rating in 1 to 10 scale
  • What is protocol?
  • You have any used the custom functions in your project?
  • What type of reports and documents you have prepared? Explain the summary report.
  • Tell me the LR server requirements?
  • What type of analysis did you used in your projects? Tell me few observations and what parameter u have captured?
  • What are other options in correlation function and did u used in your project?

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